How long does it take to build a modern website for a company?

In this article, we will try to give you an idea of what the process of creating a website looks like. We will also outline how much time, more or less, we need to build a WordPress-based website for your business.

Answering the question in the title of the post – how long does it take to create a website? – we must honestly answer: it depends 🙂

The time it takes to design and implement a website is influenced by several factors, such as:

  • the size and complexity of the site,
  • the number of languages the site is to be available in
  • the functionality of the site

A very important factor influencing the pace of work is also our current project load and the speed with which a given client is able to provide us with feedback on a project.

Typically, however, we estimate that in most cases of business websites it takes us between four and eight weeks.

STEP 1. Gather materials and information on the structure of the site and its functionalities

The first step in the process of building a website is to gather the materials necessary to start designing and information on the functionality and structure of the website. This includes gathering information on the company’s existing branding, client preferences and available materials. It is important to gather a set of materials before starting the design process. This will allow us to create a website that accurately reflects the nature of your brand.

Structure and objectives of your new website

One of the most important steps is to determine the structure of your new website. This includes getting answers to the questions:

  • What content does the company want to present to its audience?
  • What is the purpose of the website?
  • What sub-pages will be needed to present specific material in an easy-to-use manner?
  • Do you need a contact form? If so, should it be a simple or complex form with conditional fields?
  • Do you want your website to also have online shop functionality?
  • Do you want to blog or publish news on your site?
  • Do you want to publish job vacancies on your site?
  • Do you want a calendar of events?
  • How many language versions will your new website have?

If you already have a website structure prepared – send it to us. If you don’t have one – tell us what important information you would like to include on your website. Based on this, we’ll help you develop the right website structure for your business.

Branding of your company (logo, brand book)

Your company branding information will help us create a website that is consistent with your company’s branding and existing advertising materials. If your company doesn’t have branding or if you have branding that you want to refresh, it’s a good idea to do this before starting work on your new company website. The Epic Agency team also offers graphic design services, so we would be happy to provide you with a quote to create new branding that is tailored to your company’s image.

Texts for the website (Copywriting)

When preparing to design your website, we will ask you to provide us with the texts you would like to include on it. If you do not have them, you can have us create them for you.

Texts on a website are important for several reasons:

  • They help explain what your company does.
  • They introduce your company to the user.
  • They help sell your products or services,
  • They help to get your website ranked in search engines.

Photos and videos you wish to include on the website

In addition to text, your website will also need images and graphics. These include elements such as your company logo, your clients’ logos, certificate logos, product images or team photos. It is important that the images provided are of high quality, as they affect the perception of your brand by potential customers.

We also use purchased elements from the Adobe Stock image bank when designing your website. So, if you don’t have images for your website – no problem – we will purchase image licences to suit your website.

STEP 2. Graphic design of the website

Once we have gathered all the elements necessary to get started, we will start by creating a homepage design. It is crucial to the whole project, as it is usually where potential customers will start browsing your website. The homepage will also determine the style of the entire website. During the design process, we will ask you for your comments and feedback so that the end result is to your satisfaction.

Once you approve the design of the homepage, we will design the rest of the sub-pages. The design process usually takes about two to three weeks.

STEP 3. Implementation of the graphic design in the WordPress content management system

Once we have received approval for the designs of all the sub-pages, we will begin the implementation of your website. This process usually takes between two and four weeks. The implementation process takes place on our server and our domain.

Once you have reviewed the site and approved it, we will proceed to launch the site on your domain. We will also create you an administration account on the WordPress content management system so that you can make changes to the site yourself. To make it easier for you – we will provide a short online training course showing you how you can do this.

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